Sell Your Home NOW!

    Let’s kickoff the new year with a bang! Sell your home with confidence this year and   SELL IT NOW!  Many homeowners believe they should wait to spring which is what has been branded the “buyer’s market” to list their house.  NOT THIS YEAR, now is the time to jump off that fence, list your house and  get in on  one of the hottest markets in years. The recent mortgage rate increases have forced buyers to  buy now  resulting in an incredibly strong demand TODAY! In some of my earlier post, you have read about the housing inventory levels going down and they have dramatically dropped as compared to this time last year. In fact, total homes on the market are down 9.1% from 4th quarter 2015 to 4th quarter 2016.

    Bottom Line:   The number of homes on the market are at historical lows increasing the demand for your house  right now.  If you are going to   list your house  Contact Us

    Thanks for viewing! #HOMESandVALOR


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